Robert U. Nagel

Robert U. Nagel

Public Engagement

"Women and Rebel Legitimacy" - with Hilary Matfess

This policy roundtable looks at the role of gender and gendered analysis in conflict and security. The authors highlight ways in which gender intersects with political violence and security policy. As the chair observes, the analysis, "defies efforts to make gender a problem of ideology or an issue best relegated to the human resources department."

“New UN Handbook on Sexual Violence in Conflict Helps, But Still Falls Short”

Nagel, Robert U. & Kate Fin (2020) Just Security

Equal opportunity, unequal burden? Women in U.N. peacekeeping

Speaking with members of the Mercersburg Academy community

“What the Pandemic means for UN Peacekeeping Work”

Nagel, Robert U. & Melanne Verveer (2020) PassBlue

The Venezolana Perspective: Women and the Venezuelan Crisis

CSIS event in early March 2020

“Gendered Violence and Political Agendas”

Matfess, Hilary, Nagel, Robert U. & Meredith Loken (2019) Political Violence at a Glance

“Game of Thrones: Will There Ever be Peace in Westeros?”

Nagel, Robert U., Kirkpatrick, Daniel & Luke Abbs (2017) The Conversation, UK