Robert U. Nagel

Robert U. Nagel


My teaching approach rests on three fundamental pillars: equality, interaction, and collaboration. I aim to create an inclusive atmosphere in which students actively participate, think independently, contribute frequently, collaborate, and challenge each other. Fundamental to this is students’ recognition of each other as equals. On this basis, I encourage students to engage in dialogue that reflects both their different perspectives and their shared experiences enabling them to learn from and with each other. Putting equality and inclusion at the center of my teaching enables students to pose critical questions, mature intellectually, and challenge hierarchies.

I consider it my responsibility as an instructor and mentor to offer my students the same high level of support and enthusiasm that my professors and mentors have shown me throughout my academic career. I particularly enjoy mentoring students and helping them develop their research skills. I believe teaching is a privilege and a responsibility - one I take seriously. If you want to know more about what I teach and how, please get in touch I'm happy to send you my teaching statement and syllabi.

At Clark University I currently teach two comparative politics courses:

  • PSC 103 - 'Africa & the World'
  • PSC 208 - 'Comparative Politics of Women'

At the University of Kent, I taught undergraduate student seminars on mixed-method research design and quantitative methods.

  • PO 657 - Political Analysis & Research
  • PO 661 - Fact, Evidence, Knowledge and Power

Additionally, I have given guest lectures at:

  • Harvard University
  • Northeastern University
  • Williams College